About the Artist Bobbi Shaw

I have lived in Bucks County throughout my life. I have always loved living here. I have enjoyed being creative since a young girl and you could easily find me drawing or painting. My hobbies are backpacking (and wondering in Nature), camping, cooking, gardening, and  adventures. Nature is what inspires most of my artwork as well as spiritual concepts. 

Some of you may know  that I am a Christian. However, very rare will you see strong Christian images in my art such as crosses and Biblical scenes, etc.

I do this on purpose. Most of my art has a spiritual meaning, but I want everyone to be encouraged, whatever belief they have about God or what worship gatherings they attend (or not attend). I always hope to shed light and encouragement and to deepen one’s faith from where they are.

Struggling with anxiety, depression and health issues (such as Chronic Lyme Disease), my goal for my art is to bring inspiration, healing and hope to others. Feel free to contact me even if you need some encouragement and prayer. And of course, if you are interested in my artwork :). I would love to hear from you!

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