I thought I’d draw a step by step quick drawing lesson. I figure these may be fun to do, and it helps me stay in practice too. Today, I picked the subject lips. A simple thing to draw but yet can be complex. A tip: use a q-tip to blend in the pencil marks. You can use different shades of pencil to make it even more realistic. But just to make it simple, these drawings were made using one drawing pencil. It shows you can still make great lips without all the fancy drawing pencils and tools. Enjoy and have fun!!!!!








Finished!!!! “Faithful Fervor”, Acrylic on stretched canvas, 24×18. Soon to be on my Etsy shop:). I REALLY enjoyed painting this one!!! Definitely a switch from landscapes (which I still love). My next project that I am working on is going to be about a father’s love. I’m really excited about that one also!!! Thanks for reading, until next time!!!!  12794759_1067858453272947_600025812092510601_o



Work in Progress: I am really excited about this painting! It’s something that I never have done before. My goal is to create a double exposure effect between the candle and the man. Right now, I am just trying to figure out color schemes and placement. This is suppose to describe the light that glows inside of us as we pray :). I will post updates. Thanks!!!!

Working on some new projects

I am really excited, I am working on some new projects this year—-things that are new to me :). First, I am working on illustrating a children’s book that my friend is currently writing. I am still in the sketching/figuring out characters (as you see below). I always wanted to illustrate a children’s book, so this is very exciting 🙂

I am also working on a series of new paintings, in which I will be posting, hopefully shortly. Moving onto different ideas :). I’ll keep you you posted soon!!! 🙂










Happy New Year!!! Finally got to relax and do some art. I have so many projects going (what artist doesn’t), so I was working on a few things tonight. This something that I quickly did—for some reason I have been obsessed with lions. I’m also working on a commission as well as a new painting and dome small projects. This year has started our well :). Keep on being creative!!!!





Just finished this leaf painting last weekend. I love colloecting leaves and painting on them. The frame inspired me to keep most of the natural leaf showing through…and I love the result!!!

Fortunately, and unfortunately , this leaf is already claimed for sale. I won’t be able to enjoy it long, but it’s always exciting to sell art 🙂 I guess, I gotta create a new one:)