Local Artist Spotlight: Amy Rims

I have known Amy Rims (aka Amy Rox) for years. She has been one of the key influences in my art career. I was an art “hobbyist” at the time and she encouraged me to be more active in my art endeavors, which is how I became who I am today. And I have seen her  encourage many other artists to do the same.  Her passion for art is truly contagious!

Amy Rims  is very active in the art community in the Bucks and Montgomery counties. She has organized MANY art shows and events in the area. In fact, she brought the Fun A Day art movement in the Bucks and Montgomery area, which brings many artists together to challenge them to create every day for a month.

She has been involved with the Water Gallery in Lansdale and is currently involved in the Sellersville museum, in which she has organized art events and shows. She also attends community art events to connect with other artists. One of these events was an “art battle” at the Bethlehem Steel Stacks:


Amy’s strong beliefs about art and community is what makes her passionate in what she does: ” I host art shows to bring artists together. No one creates in a vacuum. Artists need a place to come together and share ideas. Art is not a commodity, it is not produced to satisfy the wants and needs of a consumer. Art is a form of self expression, ” Amy explains. And because of this, she has been a pillar in the local art community.

Amy has studied painting and art education at the Tyler School of Arts Temple University. Her currents works range from the human figure, to Biblical inspirations, plein air, and expressions of places she has visited. She has an intense fascination with ancient texts from the Buddhist religion, Hebrew mythology, and Native American folktale to name a few.  She continues to explore the world unseen, symbolism and spiritual matters which influences her work.

Here are the few of my favorites works:


When I first meant Amy, I was immediately fascinated how she tackles the human figure. Her human figure works has such an organic yet expressive feel to it. She really captures the spirit of the human figure as well as the beauty of it without bogging it down with too many details.


Her creation series is definitely one of my favorites. I have seen the entire collection together before she starting selling them. They are absolutely gorgeous! They have enough detail to give an impression of what is going on, but yet, leaves much room for the viewer to interpret the events.


This is the Bridge and the Perkiomen creek at Lenape Park in Perkasie. I may be bias because I have many fond memories here. The community thought so too, because it sold quickly!


This from one of her plein air series (actually the Lenape Bridge painting above is part of these series too).  This is the Baum House. I love her plein air painting of old buildings. She really captures the character of the buildings that I feel many artists miss.

If you want to see Amy Rim’s art in person, here is some upcoming shows (and of course you can be involved too if you are an artist):

  • Lansdale Art Festival, August 24th (10am-4pm) in the Memorial Park
  • Sellersville Music and Arts Festival, Sept 28th (1pm-4pm) at Jerusalem Lutheran Church on 733 Ridge Rd in Sellersville

Here is where YOU can get involved: Amy is still looking for artists to join the Sellersville Art and Music Festival in September. Spots are $10 that will sponsor a dance for adults with special needs.

If you are interested, Send Amy a message on her website at www.AmyRims.com or message her at her Facebook Page.

Also, if you are interested Amy offers these services:

  • commissions
  • illustrations for books
  • artwork for bands
  • painting live at an event
  • info for art shows (if you want to get involved)

If you are a local artist in the Bucks County  or Montgomery county areas, I recommend getting to know Amy. She really brings artists together 🙂


Happy creating!

Bobbi Shaw


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