I work better under a schedule-Quakertown artist

Things have been very quiet in my studio since the shutdown in mid March. I had ALL this time to work on my projects but I couldn’t get motivated.

I usually have a very busy schedule and for YEARS I have said: “If only my life slowed down. I’d get more done….” well life DID slow down. A LOT. And I am getting less done that I had previously!

Then I got a message asking for a commission. Requests came in. A spark started. I got my fire back! I didn’t realize that the structure I complained about, I needed all along.

Don’t get me wrong: I properly needed the rest. I am grateful for life slowing down. But it also made me grateful for my busy life.

Portrait commission, Work in Progress, Quakertown Artist

It also started to get me excited to promote myself again. I felt bad promoting art during a pandemic. But you know what? That is what I should have been doing. It took some requests to get me to realize that.


I guess maybe I felt life was on hold for a while. But life never stops. It may chamge but never stop.

I found during these crazy times, I am learning a lot about myself.

What have you learned during this time?


Keep on being creative,



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