Comparing your art to others/ Quakertown Artist

Do you compare your art to others?

Guilty as charged ✋. I think we all do it from time to time as artists. Especially when you create something and you are so proud until you see someone else’s work. I REALLY struggled with this while I was in art school.

art comparsion

Comparing your arty always isn’t a bad thing but it can be.

In fact, tonight I am getting together with my fellow art friends on zoom and we are doing an art critique on what we are currently working on. I value other peoples opinions and perspectives and it sometimes it helps me get “unstuck.”  This is the piece that I will be “bringing” tonight for the critique.


So, when it is good or bad to compare your work to others?

When it is a good thing:

  • You learn something
  • It inspires you to do art
  • It encourages you
  • It gives you another perspective 


When it is a bad thing:   

  • It discourages you
  • You “wish” you can do art like the other artist
  • You stop appreciating you and your talents
  • It creates jealously and doesn’t help you grow as an artist.

To grow as an artist, it is imperative you get out there in the art world and keep learning. It is crucial to expose yourself to other artists. But be careful that your are using that as positive energy rather than negative.

Keep being creative,




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