Making sense of the new normal-Quakertown Artist

Life with Covid-19 outbreak: when things seem uncertain

It has been a rough couple of weeks for all of us. I hope you are all healthy and taking care of yourself.

Most of all: I hope you are being KIND to yourself.

Like me, you probably are seeing many social media posts of all the things your friends are doing during the shut down. They are painting the house, fixing the garden and catching up with projects. And if you have artistic friends: they are doing “art” everyday.

Well, don’t feel bad. Give yourself some grace if you aren’t getting things “done.” I FINALLY this week starting getting stuff done. I finally started to embrace the “new normal”.

For a few weeks, I didn’t get any art done. I didn’t get my house cleaned. I didn’t read or even watch much Netflix. I’m not sure what I did except : process everything.

I need time to process everything. I work well on a schedule. When my schedule gets out a whack, I am useless!

I finally made a “new schedule” in the new situation. It only took me over 2 weeks! So, be kind to yourself! Everyone will process this differently.

I finally got out and worked on a my new project last night: McCooles while watching The Tiger King. (I mean, what else are we going to watch?)


And fortunately for me, I got my first puppy days before this all hit. So, again that through off my schedule too! He is a nice distraction in all of this.


So literally for almost 2 weeks, I snuggled with a puppy and enjoyed my family. That is it. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t get to any projects. And that is ok, because that is what I needed.

So be kind to yourself doing this time. Don’t feel guilty or compare yourself to others.

Stay healthy and take care of you,



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